I.M. Ready

Share To Earn Program

Earn an income by sharing your results to help improve the lives of others. It’s really that simple.*

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With the I.M. Ready – Share To Earn Program, not only can you workout when you want, you can earn when you want.

It’s easy to share your results and uVodi Products. When customers sign up, you earn money.


Become an I.M.

(Independent Motivator)


Multiple Streams

of Revenue.

Get the latest, most
relevant fitness
assets as soon
as they’re available.

Compensation Plan is fresh and new

with boundless potential. 

Receive support and
training to optimize and
increase your earnings.


Huge social network with the best in the industry.

What you earn gets automatically deposited to your own uVodi Visa© debit card or your bank account. Use our app to track how much you make.

Exclusive events focused on entrepreneurship.

Innovation is what we do.

Ready to get started?

If you’re impressed with the I.M. Ready – Share to Earn Program, we encourage you to first try the Transform uVodi System. We want I.M.’s who are true customers and believe in the value of our product. It’s not mandatory, but we believe you’ll maximize your potential if you discover the value for yourself first – if you get your body fit and healthy. 

Your belief in uVodi products as a true user will only help you earn more.

I.M. Ready

One time payment of $50

If you want to become an I.M. straightaway and you already know an I.M. in your area, contact him/her to get moving. If you don’t know an I.M. in your area, contact us.

*The uVodi compensation plan is fresh and new with boundless potential. Any stated examples of income under the plan are potential in nature and not based upon the actual performance of any individual(s).