Our mission is to create innovative workouts and breakthrough products, while improving the lives of people around the world.

About Us
About Us


Forward thinking

We are based in Silicon Valley, the innovation capitol of the world. Innovation is a part of everything that we do. 


Best Services

We put the experience of using our products first and foremost, with a perpetually elevating standard of quality.

About Us
About Us


Our works speak for us

We pride ourselves on research and development to create high quality products ensuring your results are the measure of our success. 


Where our inspiration comes from

We are inspired by real people, with real stories. Motivated by those whose lives we’ve helped make better, and those we’ve yet to help transform. 

About Us


We believe that through fitness we can inspire collective action and community development focused on raising quality of life, individual health, community health, and social consciousness.

uVodi HQ

We’re located in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA. Please contact us for customer assistance.

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